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July 2013
  • Government, FCA and industry must move investors out of the dark ages. rplan, the groundbreaking online DIY investor service, is lobbying the Government and FCA to do more to ensure that the process now underway through the FCA’s paper PS13/1 achieves a decisive and complete step forward in transparency for the investor.
March 2013
  • An ISA is for life, not just Easter. As this year’s ISA season enters its final weeks, groundbreaking DIY investor website ‘rplan’ is calling for the industry to resist its annual drive to get people panic buying their latest fashion fund or super-expensive fund of funds and instead help investors make the sensible decisions that will serve their longer term interests far better.
  • MPs welcome launch of ‘rplan University’ to help educate new DIY investors created by RDR. With RDR leaving record numbers of investors without advice this ISA season, online investor service rplan today announces the launch of its “rplan University”. This online course provides crucial education on the fundamentals of investing, covering the basics and advanced topics in eight straight- talking, jargon-free, five minute videos.
February 2013
  • Price competition hots up for the DIY investor as new kid on the block ‘rplan’ cuts its charge by more than 2/3rds. With no initial charges and now a cap of just £5 per month on its fee, rplan offers one of the lowest prices on the market, while delivering the best tools and information.
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December 2012
  • DIY investors can pay 100% higher charges by choosing from only the big name platforms. In response to the confusion that prevails amongst DIY investors about how much their online broker or website is charging them for their ISAs and funds, online investor service Rplan today launches a unique new tool to provide unprecedented clarity and enable crystal clear price comparisons to be made in seconds.
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  • Rplan’s novel use of Facebook’s timeline alerts investors. When looking at the financial pages on or offline, a reader could easily get lost in detail and jargon of investing. It’s easy to forget that in many cases, these seemingly abstract charts and figures have an effect on real people – the 41% of UK households who place their savings or pensions in investments. Rplan.co.uk has sought to help address this with a new initiative using Facebook’s timeline feature.
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November 2012
  • Half of those investing in equity ISAs could be losing money to bad performance without even knowing it. We have just completed research that finds that half of those investing in equity ISAs - approximately 3.7 million people - have little or no idea how their portfolio is performing, despite this leaving them wide open to underperformance they could have avoided.
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July 2012
  • Fictional characters most closely characterised how we view financial advisers. At a time when there has been wide-ranging debate on the future of financial advice, and how people pay for it, we asked investors which three people from a list of well-known fictional characters most closely characterised how they viewed financial advisers.
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April 2012
  • rplan launches the UK's first 'charges-before-checkout' shopping basket for investors. rplan.co.uk today announces its commitment to "total disclosure" becoming the first investment brand in the UK to reveal all the charges and commissions investors will pay for an investment product in pound terms BEFORE they decide to buy it.
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March 2012
  • Investors urged: Stop throwing money away and beat the Budget blues - £42 billion wasted on investment charges. With higher rate tax payers anticipated to take some of the pain in this week’s budget, financial planning website rplan.co.uk today warns investors that they could offset the Budget blues by saving thousands that they already throw away in investment charges and commissions.
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  • Final dash to switch from cash. With less than a month until the end of tax year, new ISA customers should consider stocks and shares as well as cash ISAs to maximise the chances for growth, according to new market data from rplan.co.uk.
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February 2012
  • The final countdown for the austerity ISA with less than one in eight investors to use full ISA allowance. With only five weeks of ISA season left, new research from financial planning business rplan.co.uk reveals that just 12% of ISA investors plan to use their full ISA allowance by the end of tax year.
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January 2012
  • Children born in Olympic year will have to fork out £123,000 to get through university when they hit 18. As one in four parents (26%) are gearing up to the prospect of having to support their children financially during higher education - according to new research from rplan.co.uk the financial planning website
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  • rplan launches industry's first commission comparisons tool to force hidden investment charges into the open. rplan.co.uk today launches a new charges and commissions comparison tool that, for the first time, will allow UK investors to see all the charges and commissions they are paying their adviser or broker.
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  • New Year resolutions. Three in four Britons (75%) are planning financial resolutions for the New Year, and it is women (77%) and thirty-somethings (82%) that are most likely to start 2012 with new financial goals.
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December 2011
  • 86% of households make sweeping cutbacks. The day after the Chancellor announced the government is expected to borrow £111bn more than predicted in March, a new survey reveals that households across the UK have made wide-ranging cutbacks to keep the household budget afloat. html | pdf
  • Britons in the dark on hidden investment charges. 3 in 10 Britons think they are paying no charges for their stocks and shares ISAs, and of those that think they are paying charges, 89% have no idea what those charges might be according to research from rplan, the new financial planning website. html | pdf
November 2011
  • New Investment website calls time on hidden charges and saves people millions rplan offers a fresh alternative for the consumer providing a more rounded way to take control of their investments that is clear and more cost-effective. pdf



  • Statistics on the challenges of making plans in Britain today with the current economic climate pdf
  • Charges for ISAs and pensions. Does the consumer know what they are paying for their investment products? pdf
  • Planning and re-planning in a recession. The challenges that the economic uncertainty is having a real impact on people's future plans and aspirations. pdf
  • What would encourage people to take investing money more seriously? What would a new financial services company need to do to gain peoples trust? pdf
  • Hole in my Bucket. An investor put £70,000 into his pension over 15 years, while the stock market went up 60%. At the end of this period, the investor's fund was less than the amount he had invested. Who's to blame? Presentation created for the Financial Services Research Forum , 22 March 2011, about Investment Charges: The Challenges of Transparency. pdf

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