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At rplan, we don't like following investment fads. We also believe that investing doesn't need to be complicated or difficult to understand. So, our experts created this clear, easy to digest and jargon-free guide to run you through the basics of investing.

The guide covers the following topics:

Should you invest?

Investing isn't for everyone - it involves risk, and you should have other savings. Find out if investing right for you.

Understanding risk

Risk is a key concept in investing - find out more about what it means, how it is measured, and which investments are riskiest.

Types of investment

Understand the different types of investments available, including cash, bonds, property, equities and commodities, as well as 'collectives' such as funds, ETFs and investment trusts.

Building an investment portfolio

Cover the basics of creating your own investment portfolio - including key topics such as asset allocation, diversification, setting goals, and selecting the right investments.

Buying and holding investments

Find out about the differt ways of holding investments, including ISAs, pensions, investment bonds and regular savings.

Ongoing portfolio management

Investing is not just about purchasing investments - find out how to stay on top of your portfolios.

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