Engaging Investors Online

rplan is the UK's leading provider of client engagement technology to support bespoke investment propositions for web and mobile.

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Breaking news: rplan joins the InvestCloud family - read the press release here.


Production Ready Digital Engagement

Our technology is currently deployed in production by 4 of the top 10 UK fund managers for their retail clients via web and mobile. We specialise in client engagement technology for digital propositions, supported 24x7 in a secure and resilient hosted environment.


Fully Customisable

Our service can be configured with our client's branding and style, navigation, content, security and user journeys. It can already integrate with a large number of the administration providers and technologies in the marketplace.

Ever Improving

Over 12,000 development days invested to date in the technology. We continue to develop and upgrade.

Secure & Trusted

ISO27001 accredited since 2014, and with an ongoing programme of external security testing.

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