Always know what you're paying

No nonsense savings

Our pricing just got even simpler - one single, transparent charge of 0.35% per year on the amount you invest.

That means no exit fees, account closure fees, inactivity fees, dealing charges, or other hidden charges. For the full list of things we don't charge for, and more detail on how the charging works, click here.

For your existing investments too

You also can benefit from the rplan savings on your existing investments - simply transfer your existing investments over to us, and benefit from our competitive fee and market leading portfolio tools. Transferring your assets is effortless - we do all the paperwork and fill in the forms for you.

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Transfer existing investments

Safe and secure

Your money is safe with us

rplan ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, and we don't hold any of our clients' money.

Your investments are held with Cofunds, the UK's largest independent investment platform. Debit card payments are processed by Worldpay on behalf of Cofunds.

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The latest in security technology

We use high grade 128-bit encryption technology, the same as in use at most banks. Your data is encrypted both when moving from your browser to our site (in transit) and when we store it (at rest).

Debit card payments are processed externally by Worldpay. We use the same proven infrastructure as Amazon for our servers and systems.

We do not pass your personal information on to any third parties unless it is necessary as part of a financial transaction. Find out more about our security practices.

Find the best investment for you

Choices you can understand

Choosing an investment from the vast choice available can be daunting. We make it easy for you to find the right investment using our simple tools, and present the information you need to make your decision in a clear, understandable way.

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Try the fund selector

Choose from pre-selected portfolios...

If you're not sure what to buy, have a look at a range of investment portfolios picked by the experts at Rayner Spencer Mills.

Choose the risk level you want to invest at, and see a portfolio of matching funds selected by Rayner Spencer Mills based on their past performance and their growth prospects.

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Browse the portfolios

... or from our range of over 1,500 funds

We have a wide range of investments from market-leading companies such as BlackRock, Jupiter, Fidelity, HSBC and others. You can also select funds based on their investment focus, past performance, risk levels, cost and other criteria.

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Plan for your future

Create a plan for your investments

Our research found that a large number of people in the UK don't create financial plans for their future. Creating plans for your investments helps you both focus on your targets and decide which investments are best suited to reach them.

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Keep on track with our planning tools

Create a plan to send your children to university or simply set a target date and amount to get started. You can then keep track of how you're doing, or top up an existing plan to reach your goal sooner.

Get started with the university fees planner or the simple planner.

Create a plan

Know your investments

Always know where you stand

Get an instant overview of your portfolio with 3 key figures: performance, risk, and cost. Also get an in-depth view of your funds' past performance, asset allocation, and geographical allocation.

In-depth analysis of your portfolio

See which funds in your portfolio are not performing well, and compare them against other funds in their sector.

What's more, you can use these tools for free by creating a virtual portfolio to analyse your existing assets.

Create a virtual portfolio

Get help from experts and peers

Insight from our panel of experts

We have asked for the help of leading independent experts to give you market commentary and insight into investing and finance.

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Discuss your decisions with like-minded peers

Taking financial decisions can sometimes be hard. Discuss your choices with a community of like-minded peers and benefit from their experiences and feedback, or help others facing the same decisions you might have faced previously.

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