JB BF Absolute Return Bond Fund Factsheet

Fund Details

Julius Baer Absolute Return Bond C Fund GBP Acc
GAM Investment Management (Switzerland) AG
£2,813,087,023.36as at 30/04/2016
12618.00p (Nav Price)as at 24/05/2016

Investment Aims

The investment objective of the funds is aimed to achieve a long-term positive (absolute) return in both rising and falling financial markets while observing the principle of risk diversification.
For this purpose, the funds invests at least two thirds of its assets in fixed-interest or floating-rate securities, debt securities and claims of all kinds of levels of creditworthiness, durations and currencies, issued or guaranteed by issuers from recognised countries. Besides fixed-interest or floating-rate
securities issued or guaranteed by states or their federal states or similar state structures or by communities or, as the case may be, cities, the investment universe also includes corporate bonds of all levels of
creditworthiness, emerging market bonds, ABS, MBS, CDO and CMO, (ABS, MBS, CDO and CMO together accounting for up to 20% of the assets of the Subfund), hybrid preferred debt securities and other widely or less widely spread interest-bearing investments.