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Advanced sorting & filtering

Sort funds by cost, risk or past performance; or filter out funds that don't meet your criteria for cost, risk or past performance, but also by market sector, classification, or fund manager. Benchmark funds against different indices and for different time periods. Our powerful tools make it easy to find the right investment from a range of over 1,500 funds.

Independent fund ratings

We have selected experts Rayner Spencer Mills Research to rate funds for us based on performance, volatility, and charges as well as fund manager background, research capabilities and philosophy. The result is an independent badge of quality to help you select the best funds for your portfolio, with no bias towards funds that pay more commission.

Detailed fund factsheets

Get an instant overview of a fund using our factsheets - including allocation by sector or geography, fund size, and risk pofile. You can also view more advanced data such as past performance compared to a benchmark, and a breakdown of the cost of investing into a fund, including the full fund charges.

Pre-selected portfolios

If you don't want to research funds yourself, you can use one of our range of investment portfolios, created by independent experts Rayner Spencer Mills Research to suit all types of investors. Choose a risk level to see a portfolio of pre-selected funds that work together for each risk level.
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