rplan charges a single 0.35% fee on the amount you invest. We make no other charge.

For example, if you had invested the following:

  • ISA - £25,000
  • Investment Account - £10,000
  • Total Invested - £35,000

rplan fee = £35,000 x 0.35% = £122.50 per annum. Note this fee is is inclusive of the Cofunds platform charge.

Cofunds, who provides administration services to rplan, calculates the rplan fee based on your overall holdings on the 5th working day of each month, and collects the fee two days prior to the last Thursday of each month. Click here for more detail.

The fund manager charge (known as the Ongoing Charge Figure, or the Total Expense Ratio) will continue to be deducted directly from your investments.

See below for a list of common services for which rplan doesn't charge:

Dealing Charges

Buying funds

Online £0
Telephone n/a
Post £0
Recurring (e.g. regular saving, dividend reinvestment) £0

Selling funds

Online £0
Telephone n/a
Post £0
Recurring (e.g. regular withdrawal) £0

Switching funds

Online £0
Telephone n/a
Post £0

Administration charges

Payments: pay by cheque£0
Payments: pay by debit card£0
Payments: pay by direct debit (regular saver only)£0
Account administration: account creation £0
Account administration: account maintenance £0
Cash transactions: cash withdrawal £0
Cash transactions: Income payment to bank account £0
Corporate actions: voting and attendance service £20
Note: charged by Cofunds
Corporate actions: reports + accounts £0
Other: online statements + valuations £0
Other: annual paper statement £0
Other: account closure £0
Other: inactivity fee £0

Transfer charges

Transfer charges from/to: Stocks + Shares ISA Cash ISA Investment dealing account
Transfer in £0 £0 £0
Transfer out (cash transfer) £0 £0 £0
Transfer out (re-registration) £0 £0 £0