Choosing from over 3000 funds available on rplan is much easier with our fund selection tool.

  • 1 You can see clearly funds that have been rated by independent research company Rayner Spencer Mills Research.
  • 2 Each fund is assigned an asset type and a category group so that you can quickly understand what type of fund it is.
  • 3 We always show the Ongoing Charge (or the Total Expense Ratio where not available) instead of the Annual Management Charge (AMC). This gives you more information on the costs of investing in the fund. Find out more about fund costs.
  • 4 The risk associated with the fund is illustrated using a scale from 1 (low) to 7 (high). The risk level shown is the SRRI that has been calculated for the fund, and measures its volatility.
  • 5 The performance is indicated using the return of the fund over the last five years. You can show the return over other periods by setting options.
  • 6 You can expand the fund to show the performance of the fund compared to the benchmark that independent data provider Morningstar believes the fund should be measured against. Find out more about performance and benchmarks