The Share features on rplan connects you with a panel of independent experts, and a community of investors who share the same interests as you do. Here is how it works.


We have a panel of experts who have agreed to blog on the rplan site. They cover a wide variety of topics of interest to all types of investor.

The blogs are interactive, so anybody can comment on a post that has been made. If you think what's been said is relevant or interesting you can Upvote, or if you don't you can Downvote the post using the arrows to its left. The number there shows how popular the post is by adding up the votes.

Open Discussion

The open Discussion forum lets you ask a question, or make a comment for everybody to see. Just as in the blogs, your post can be upvoted or downvoted, and anybody can comment on your post. As more people upvote your posts, you will see the reputation that is displayed alongside them increase. The name that you also see there is the Alias that you create when you register.

As well as the Open discussion forum, there is also a Members Only forum that is available once you have bought (or transferred) some investments on rplan.

Private Groups

You can setup a private group if you want to post to only people that you know. When you create a private group, you control the members and can invite them via email. All of the posts and comments are only viewable to people you have invited into the group. To find out more about setting up a private group click here