External accounts let you register or log into rplan using an external account, such as your Google or Facebook account. This makes it a lot quicker and easier to log into your rplan account; however, for security reasons you must enter an rplan password to trade or to access information about your investments.

Is It Secure?

All external account providers we have partnered with, such as Google and Facebook, have strong security. In particular, Google allows you to set two-factor authentication on your account, which is a very high level of security.

However, it’s worth bearing in mind that your usage patterns might be different for rplan and with your external account. In particular, you might stay logged into your Google or Facebook accounts longer than you might stay logged into your rplan account. If you set up your rplan account so that you can log in via an external account, you will in effect be logged in to rplan as long as you are logged to that external account. For instance, if you set Google up as an external account, you can log into rplan without entering your Google password as long as you are logged into your Google account.

This is why rplan requires you to enter an rplan password before you trade. Additionally, by default, you must enter an rplan password to see your investments (you can change this in your external account preferences.)

Can I access anything when I log into rplan via an external account?

No. For security reasons, you must enter an rplan password to trade, or to view or change any of your personal details. This helps us prevent anyone from placing trades on your behalf. By default, you also need to enter an rplan password to view your investments. However, you can change this by editing your external account preferences.

What information do you use from my external account?

The only piece of information that we need is your email address – your email address is in effect your username, so it’s not possible to create an rplan account without one.

Some providers send us additional information when we request your email address. If they send us your first and last names, we will save these in your account when you register. We don’t use or record any other additional information.

Using an external account to log into rplan does not give rplan permission to access your external account. For instance, rplan can't post on your Facebook wall or to your Google+ account.