rplan have grouped together the funds by looking at the primary type of asset the funds invest in, and/or their general investment approach. This categorisation has two levels, Asset Type and Classification Group.

Asset TypeDescription

Equities are stocks and shares in individual companies. Funds in the Equity asset type will either be invested on a regional basis defined by a country or by a larger geographical region, or in companies involved in a specific sector. See classification groups.

Asset Allocated

Asset Allocated funds attempt to provide diversified holdings and consistent returns, intending to spare the investor the trouble of having to accomplish a particular asset allocation themselves by purchasing a large number of different funds.

Some Asset Allocation funds have a specific breakdown of asset classes that are maintained over time, while others vary the composition as opportunities and circumstances change. See classification groups

Fixed Income

Fixed income refers to any type of investment which obligates the borrower to make payments on a fixed schedule. These include government issued bonds, companies issuing a corporate bond to borrow money or money market funds. See classification groups


Directly invests in, and/or manages bricks and mortar property. See classification groups


Alternatives include a number of other asset types:

  • commodities
  • hedge funds
  • capital protected funds
See classification groups