To thank whoever recommends rplan to his or her friends, we've come up with a referral scheme to reward our customers.

The idea is very simple - whenever someone decides to register at rplan thanks to your referral - you receive from 1 to 9 months of investing free of any rplan charges.

Mutual Benefit

Your friends will benefit from the referral as well - each of them will get a welcome 30-day charges-free period once they start investing with rplan.


To keep it simple we've divided the scheme into two steps. Bear in mind that each of your friends will receive a welcome 30-day charges-free period (once they start investing), regardless of the step you choose:

Step 1. For recommending 1-4 friends, you will receive accordingly from 1 up to 4 months of a charges-free period (once you start investing)

Step 2. For recommending 5 friends at once, you will receive a 9-month long period of no rplan charges at all.